Major Activities Board

Bringing entertainment to the University of Chicago since 1980


The Major Activities Board (MAB) is a recognized student organization (RSO) that brings concerts and other entertainment events to the University of Chicago campus. Members of the organization choose and book the acts, produce the events, create publicity materials, and manage all other aspects of the show. MAB typically holds three events per year, including a concert in the fall, a comedy show in the winter, and a music festival in the spring known as Summer Breeze.

The student organization has been bringing high-quality acts to the University of Chicago for over 30 years. Past performers include U2, Chance the Rapper, The Ramones, Run-DMC, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eminem, among many others. MAB offers affordable and intimate events for the campus population, while depending strongly on student input and striving to bring diverse acts that have a wide appeal among the student body.



The chairperson is responsible for coordinating the rest of the board, and is normally elected from within the organization. The chair sets the agenda for meetings and facilitates discussion at them. The chair represents MAB at University budget allocation meetings and is generally the liaison between the organization and the University community. 


The hospitality team is responsible for maintaining dressing rooms, coordinating meals, and other artist requests day-of-show. Generally, they tend to the artists day-of-show and assist with all other facets of production and marketing.




The treasurer is responsible for keeping the board up-to-date on its financial standings. The treasurer's responsibilities include maintaining MAB's budget and other fiscal reports, and providing advice prior to bidding on talent. The treasurer is responsible for organizing ticket sales and channeling all expense requests and payments to the appropriate parties.


The sponsorship team representatives seek out potential sponsors, approach them for cash donations, subsidies, or free merchandise/food, and contract them upon approval. The efforts of the sponsorship reps should be directed towards fostering long-lasting relationships between MAB and sponsors, such that the financial flexibility that sponsorship affords can be counted on regularly.



The marketing team is responsible for brainstorming, designing, and producing advertising plans for shows and promotional events. Everything from posters to giveaways to press releases falls under their jurisdiction. They work closely with the board to determine angles and objectives in order to enhance the MAB 'brand' on campus. The webmaster is part of this team and manages the website as an informational, promotional, and interactive marketing tool for MAB.

Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer coordinator is responsible for recruiting volunteers for shows, especially for Summer Breeze. The coordinator runs MAB's volunteer list-host, and coordinates and manages all volunteers day-of-show.