Major Activities Board

Bringing entertainment to the University of Chicago since 1980

About Us

The Major Activities Board (MAB) is a recognized student organization (RSO) that brings concerts and other entertainment events to the University of Chicago campus.

Members of the organization choose and book the acts, produce the events, create publicity materials, and manage all other aspects of the show.

MAB typically holds three events per year including a concert in the fall, a comedy show in the winter, and a music festival in the spring known as "Summer Breeze."

The student organization has been bringing high-quality acts to the University of Chicago for over 25 years. Past performers include U2, The Ramones, Run-DMC, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck, Eminem, among many others.

The Selection Process

MAB’s two talent buyers work with the board and a middle agent to bring the best possible talent (within our budget) for scheduled dates that MAB has reserved. The middle agent provides MAB with a list of possible artists, their schedules, and price ranges. The Board then establishes how much it can afford to pay each artist, which artists will fit best into what schedule, and what the general campus feelings are about the artist.

Next, the bidding process begins. This requires constant contact between the middle agent and our talent buyers because the schedule of an artist can change in merely a few hours. Our middle agent is often able to get University bookings, even when we are severely under- paying the artist (compared to what they get at other venues). This is because the artists' agents are able to consider it a private function for a non-profit organization and therefore price it differently since we do not publish our numbers.