Major Activities Board

Bringing entertainment to the University of Chicago since 1980

Volunteer for MAB


  • Receive a free ticket to the show
  • Learn to set up equipment
  • Get other free stuff (tapes, cds, records, shirts, a pat on the back) if you work more than one shift.
  • Catch glimpses of the celebrities
  • Hang out with the board (can't pass this up)


There are generally three work shifts for shows, as follows.

  • Load-in: You help to set up the stage. Wheel in the giant speakers and various other pieces of equipment from the trucks. Assemble and put up the lights. Being big and strong makes the job easier. Nothing makes you feel more like a roadie than this.
  • Showtime: You work the show, and there's lots to do. Collect tickets. Check bags for illegal stuff and food. Direct people here and there. Maybe work the spotlight. Keep people from rushing the stage or going backstage. Run last minute errands. Enjoy the show.
  • Load-out: After the show is over, you try to stay awake. Help coil the wires. Get equipment back into the cases. Take down the speakers and lights. Wheel all the stuff back to the trucks. Pick up the trash left behind. Very often you get to chill out with the performers.
  • Runners: Before, during, and sometimes after the show you are sent out on various errands. Pick up the artists (sometimes), equipment, food orders, and whatever the artists want. Access to a car is very important to this task.